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No Emirates ID? That will be a Dh20 per day, please!

No Emirates ID? That will be a Dh20 per day, please!

Kipp can’t help but associate the current announcement to EIDA’s usual end of year sudden awakening.


August 22, 2011 2:00 by

Just when you thought EIDA’s convolu…uh, we mean complex system of issuing IDs couldn’t get any more ridicu…uh, we mean complex…

According to a report in the local press: “expatriates and Emiratis will be fined Dh20 for each day they do not possess an Emirates ID card from mid-October. Residents will be penalised every day up to a total of Dh1,000.”

Oh great. As if the processing-friendly folks at EIDA really needed more logistics to handle. But wait. That is not what aggravates Kipp. The fact is, acquiring an Emirates ID is a time consuming affair that has left most with sleepless nights and nightmares when we do finally fall asleep. After you finally join the small club of Emirates ID holders you begin to realise the ID, for the moment, is…let’s say use-free.

In fact, one of our colleagues actually bothered to battle the red tape surrounding EIDA and left the center with a card in her hands not too shortly after. But because she has had absolutely no use for it, she didn’t bother renewing it when it had expired.

Now that the card has been expired for a couple of months, she isn’t even considering attempting to renew it, because she knows she doesn’t stand to benefit from having to wait in line until the end of time to get her ID renewed.

While Kipp thinks it’s a great idea to get our census organised. For now, we’d settle for a fully-functional and foolproof before veiled threats in the form of fines start heading in our direction. If the system of registration remains the same ‘complex’ way, then a slap on the wrist (20AED fine) just as likely to encourage residents to avoid the system then it is to incentivise them to finally register.


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