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No more doggy strolls in the park

No more doggy strolls in the park

According to reports, Abu Dhabi is planning to pass a law banning pets from public parks and beaches.

April 20, 2009 11:03 by

It may soon become impossible to throw a stick for your dog in a park in Abu Dhabi. According to The National, the Abu Dhabi municipality has passed a draft law which states that pets will not be allowed in public parks or on beaches in the emirate.

“There was no regulation for this before, but now there are a lot of complaints in the parks,” Abu Dhabi’s technical adviser for municipal services, Amin Youssef, told the paper. “People said there is a lot of mess there, so we are trying to regulate pets now and make a new code of practice for keeping them.”

Violate the rules, and you could have to pay. “I think for sure if you have to make some regulations, you have to make some fines for that,” said Youssef.

Looks like dogs and cats in Abu Dhabi will either have to become couch potatoes, or start getting used to hanging out in the roads. In the meantime, do you support the municipality’s decision? Have any park puppies been bothering you recently?

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