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No one likes human trafficking

No one likes human trafficking

The UAE is against human trafficking.

March 1, 2009 2:38 by

Any fight against human trafficking is a good. Which is why when the UAE government announced yesterday that it’s stepping up its fight against human trafficking, we at Kipp lauded the announcement. Until, that is, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs and Chairman of the UAE National Committee to Combat Trafficking, Dr Mohammed Anwar Gargash explained that “human trafficking is against Islam and the heritage and ethics of the UAE society” (excerpt from Khaleej Times).

He doesn’t need to say that, does he? Unless he can find a religion that is not against human trafficking, and societies that encourage the practice through their heritage and ethics, we really can’t see why he’d make that statement.

It’s probably merely a political statement officials make to ascertain their nation’s positions on things, but this is such a basic issue. It’s similar to stating that murder and theft are against the heritage and ethics of the UAE society.

Well of course it is! Show us a place where it isn’t (there are bound to be a few, but you get the drift).

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