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Not another HerSay, please

Not another HerSay, please

Dubai One will increase its local content from three to eight shows. We're in trouble.

July 20, 2009 12:22 by

Kipp let out an operatic scream upon reading that Dubai One, Dubai Media Incorporated’s English-language TV channel, will increase its local content from three to eight shows.

Why are the same people who produced HerSay and promoted that cast of cackling little mamas allowed to create more shows? Haven’t they done enough?

Reim El Houni (who’s name looks like it’s been misspelled, but we’re not going to fact check it), the executive producer of the three locally produced programs, told The National: “What’s nice about all of our shows is that they are giving people insight into what they can do in our city, which is very different than watching Oprah, or what’s happening on another continent.”

That’s true, but at what cost?

All we want are good TV shows. We’re hard workers; we run around all day like money-crazed capitalist soldiers, trying to survive in a world chocked by economic and social failures, and all we want is to snuggle up in front of the TV after work with a bowl of butter-soaked popcorn in one hand and a remote in the other, and enjoy switching off our brains for a couple of hours…for free.

Can you give us good TV shows? Please?

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