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Now tell us what you really think

Now tell us what you really think

Educator bemoans "intellectual castration," compares UAE schools to ghettos

October 26, 2008 12:48 by

Tough talk on The National‘s opinion page from sociologist and educator Maryam Ismail, who looks into the “trusting brown eyes” of UAE private school students — seems those eyes are always brown, no? — and notes “how they are no better off than the schoolchildren in America’s worst ghettos.”

In Kipp’s news analysis on October 21st, we covered Abu Dhabi Crown Price Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed’s call for an overhaul of the emirate’s educational system. The crown price didn’t mince words in saying the schools needed an overhaul.

But Ismail goes further, in a powerful piece that should be read in its entirety to get the full picture of the situation in the UAE’s private schools.

“As an educator right now, I am witnessing a psychological massacre of a nation and the intellectual castration of its male population…”

 Read the rest.

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