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Of all the dumbest…

Of all the dumbest…

A man pleads not guilty to murdering his girlfriend, but admits stabbing her.

April 15, 2009 3:21 by

A 34-year-old Filipino man, L.O., was found guilty of murdering his girlfriend, J.P., and was sentenced to 25 years in jail on Tuesday, reports Gulf News. He will be deported when he serves his sentence.

Witnesses to the crime testified in court that L.O. stabbed J.P. repeatedly in the neck, stomach and chest during a jealous, drunken rage.

“I am not guilty … I did stab her but I didn’t have any intention to kill her. I also consumed liquor,” the accused said in court.

According to Gulf News, he stabbed his girlfriend in the chest before. She survived and lodged a complaint about him, but later dropped it.

This man needed a better lawyer, someone who could’ve kept L.O.’s mouth shut in court. He also needed someone to explain how the human body works: stabbing = severe injuries or death. He’s got 25 years to learn. It’s bound to sink in.

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