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OMG!–OMG’s Elie Khouri wins people’s Power List vote

OMG!–OMG’s Elie Khouri wins people’s Power List vote

The wait is over for the over 300,000 who promoted, demoted and generally rearranged the list of MENA's 50 most powerful people in media, marketing and advertising. Here it is…

August 15, 2011 4:04 by

Finally after 323,230 votes, the people (and Kipp uses the word ‘people’ here loosely) have spoken. And they have voted said Elie Khouri as the most powerful person in the media, marketing and advertising industry in the Middle East and North Africa. Huzzah.

Here’s the deets: There were a total 258,906 promotions of your favourite marketing and media personality and 64,324 demotions, a figure Kipp is still trying to fathom–enough people clicked this many times to vote down some of the people on the list. Wow.

Kipp would love to give you the roundup of the people’s final 50 but we think Austyn Allison, Managing Editor of our sister title, Communicate (which instigated the original Top 50 list), caps it up quite well in his post.

Here’s the 411:

In June, Communicate released its Power List, a ranking of the 50 most powerful people in the media, marketing and advertising industry. The original list is here: Communicate’s Power 50.

As Austyn said, “the ranking was done according to data, numbers and stats, and Kipp decided to see how that would tally with public opinion. For a month, hosted a page where it listed the power players, and members of the public could vote them up and down.”

Then here’s people’s top ten list:

1: OMG’s Elie Khouri (he was at 2 on our list)
2: Menacom’s Joseph Ghossoub (4)
3: TBWA’s Ramzi Raad (8)
4: Leo Burnett’s Raja Trad (6)
5: Pepsico’s Ahmed El Azizi (26)
6: Saudi Research and Marketing Group’s Dr. Azzam Al Dakhil (28)
7: GM’s Fadi Ghosn (18)
8: MCN’s Akram Miknas (3)
9: JWT’s Roy Haddad (7)
10: MBC’s Sheikh Waled Al Ibrahim (1)

You can find the list at That page will also tell you how many people voted for each person to be promoted, and how many voted for them to be demoted. Khouri, for example, got more than 80,000 promotions, and just over 800 demotions.

Interestingly, as Austyn points out the poll might not have attracted only disinterested members of the public. One of the candidate’s staff called Kipp and “complained about an apparent vendetta against her boss.” Apparently, every time they clicked to vote for their boss, someone else was demoting him.

Was it any surprise that staff are brazenly calling up to complain that they can’t tip the votes? Well, are you, Kipp reader?

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