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Our ears!

Our ears!

Al Habtoor Mitsubishi’s radio ads are driving Kipp over the edge.

February 18, 2009 6:21 by

Please, please stop the cheesy radio ads. It’s bad enough that we spend hours on Dubai’s dangerous roads, dodging some of the world’s most visually impaired, and self-absorbed drivers, but to have to dodge death while listening to your badly scripted “breaking news” ads is simply abusive. Even Kipp has its limits.

From what we gather, there are several ads, but the worst BY FAR is one that features a family. We can’t remember the family name. The ad was so implausible, so poorly written that we had to call a friend in the advertising industry to complain (loudly) about the shocking ads that make it Dubai’s airwaves.

Kipp knows the ads won’t stop. In fact, there’ll probably be more Mitsubishi offers to swallow over the next few weeks. But we wanted to have a rant about it. And so we did.

By the way, the offers are quite good. But why couldn’t Al Habtoor have offered them in December when one of Kipp’s writers was desperately looking for a car?

We’ll talk about that later.


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