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Party with the stars

Party with the stars

Atlantis, The Palm, Dubai has signed on TomKat to host its New Year’s Eve party.

October 16, 2008 2:05 by

So, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are coming to Dubai to host this year’s New Year’s Eve party at Atlantis, The Palm, Dubai. They’ll be hosting an enormously expensive bash for all sorts of ‘movers’ and ‘shakers’. I don’t know who else is coming, but I’m guessing the average Dubai-Joe won’t be hobnobbing with TomKat; unless, that is, Atlantis is planning on selling discounted, last-minute tickets that low-flyers like myself can afford.

But I can’t help but ask: Why TomKat? Is it just their fame Atlantis is after? Couldn’t they have chosen a couple that has some sort of Middle Eastern connection? This is Dubai after all. Or will any celebrity do, so long as he or she is ridiculously famous and is followed by the paparazzi?

Care to explain?

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