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PlayStation rules

PlayStation rules

Be it be for the Olympics or the recent IPL cricket series, people in the UAE seem to be glued to their video game screens

August 17, 2008 2:08 by

Recent reports claim that the UAE gaming console market made around $5m from January to May this year with the sale of more than 4 million units. The Sony PlayStation 3 is currently the number one gaming console in the Emirates, followed by the Nintendo Wii and Microsoft Xbox.
While those in the gaming industry must be thanking the combination of a young population and uncomfortable outdoor heat for the sacks of money flowing in, marketers are getting set to completely invade the in-gaming world with ads.
Here’s three things you might not know about the industry:
The fastest-growing parts of the gaming industry are ad-supported casual games online and free-to-try massively multiplayer online games.
To increase sales, companies make videogame consoles cheap and sell expensive games.
God of War, an 18-rated video game (it has sexual scenes), which is based on Greek mythology and contains the slaying of deities is banned in the UAE. Interestingly, the game is available on, at a current bid of Dh240. If you want to own it, buy it quick: The bid ends tonight.

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