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Queen of Beautiful Morals

Queen of Beautiful Morals

A woman was crowned "Queen of Beautiful Morals" in Saudi Arabia on Thursday

July 26, 2009 3:35 by

An 18-year-old Saudi girl was crowned “Queen of Beautiful Morals” in the eastern city of Safwa on Thursday. Aya Ali Al Mulla beat 274 contestants to win a crown, SR5,000 ($1,333), a pearl necklace, a diamond watch and necklace and a free trip to Malaysia.

Nobody saw her face. She was judged by her morals, her commitment to her family and her religious values.

“The real winner in this competition is the society. The winners represent the culture of the society and its high Islamic morals,” said Khadra Al Mubarak, Miss Moral Beauty pageant organizer, reported the AFP, citing Saudi-based daily Al Watan.

So what happens to the losers? Are their morals not-so-beautiful? Will they be punished for embarrassing their families by losing out to little miss perfect morals (Al Mulla)?

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