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Ratting on your cheating wife

Ratting on your cheating wife

Dubai’s latest adultery case pushes Kipp over the edge.

June 3, 2009 9:50 by

We can’t keep quiet about this anymore

Why are people reporting their spouses to the government for committing adultery, knowing full well what the government will do? We get why Marnie Pearce’s husband did it: he allegedly wanted custody of the children, and he won. The man, as conniving as he is, understood the system and used it. Fine.

So what’s the deal with Vincent Antia? He said in written statement to the press that he had no idea his wife would be imprisoned and tried in court if he complained to the government.

How could he not know that? We’d understand if he didn’t know about Dubai’s adultery laws before Pearce’s case became public, but her case got a lot of coverage; how could he not have known?

We’re worried that this is growing trend, and that more scorned wives and husbands will abuse Dubai’s laws to get back at their spouses rather than settle their differences in civilized manner.

And finally, is it true about the maggots in the food served in Dubai’s prisons?

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