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Reality check for Dubai firm over Paris Hilton show

Reality check for Dubai firm over Paris Hilton show

The producers of the celeb’s ‘My New BFF’ in Dubai face an $8 million lawsuit in the US.

February 4, 2010 4:32 by

It may be a while before we discover the lucky person who was chosen by socialite Paris Hilton to be her ‘best friend forever’ in Dubai. Lionsgate Television, the producer behind the reality show ‘Paris Hilton’s My New BFF’, has sued Dubai-based Uniqon Emirates for alleged breach of contract, reports the celebrity website TMZ.

The federal suit was filed in a US District Court in Los Angeles on February 2, and states that Uniqon Emirates, which was supposed to co-produce and distribute the show in the Middle East, breached a written contract with Lionsgate, says the report.

Lionsgate, which is demanding more than $8 million in compensatory damages, claims that Uniqon paid only $4.7 million, which failed to cover the production and distribution costs.

The show, which has not yet been aired in Dubai, created quite a buzz when it was being shot in the city last year.

Hilton was all over the news: A British newspaper claimed that she posed for a bikini shoot in Dubai despite a ban by her show’s production company, and another UK paper said that Hilton was shocked after her security personnel found hidden recording devices in her hotel room. The socialite rubbished the reports on Twitter, even as she put up pictures of herself riding a camel and playing with dolphins in Dubai.

But the delay in airing of her reality show may not come as a disappointment to many. In a poll conducted by Kipp in June last year, 63 percent of our respondents said that they hate Hilton and everything related to her, and would not want to become Hilton’s best friend forever.

Kipp has a certain amount of pity for the person who did become her best friend in Dubai. We wonder if anyone will even watch the show if and when it airs…

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