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Reality TV really has ‘bottom’ed out

Reality TV really has ‘bottom’ed out

Reality TV is an outdated mind numbing form of entertainment. Exhibit A: Kim Kardashian in her all her bottom-x-raying glory.

June 28, 2011 7:52 by

Ok. So reality TV has to be just one of the silliest forms of entertainment to grace the earth. It’s right up there next to the Teletubbies. Kipp is surprised, quite frankly, that following the sudden spring of reality shows in the early 2000’s, networks still put serious money behind cameras watching bland would-be celebrities.
Of course, we don’t even need to articulate what could have possibly inspired this blog, but if you are stuck in a cave somewhere, we are talking about the most over exposed family in the world: the Kardashians.
You might say that Kipp’s always tried to put the business angle on things so why poke fun at this little lady. If you must know the Kardashians have their own clothing line called Dash, they have a number of modeling and endorsement contracts and have successfully made a business out of just, well, being just them under the Hollywood microscope.
So anyway, let’s continue with the mindlessness that the Kardashian empire is built on.
In the latest episode of our of their selection of shows, Kim Kardashian x-rayed her rear to prove that it was 100 percent real. On getting the positive results, Kardashian gleefully tells the camera “I’m so glad I did this x-ray. The whole world has doubted me -this is the best thing I could’ve done.”
The best thing? Really Kim? X-raying your derrière is the best thing you could do in your life? Is Kipp the only one who’s had it with reality TV?

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