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Royally pointless? British Monarchy launches Facebook page

Royally pointless? British Monarchy launches Facebook page

Kipp’s wondering what’s the point of the royal addition?

November 7, 2010 11:05 by

Local and international press was abuzz today with news of the Queen launching her British Monarchy page on Facebook. The BBC reports that the page isn’t a regular personal profile but instead a page that people can like, receive updates from and view photographs on. The move comes after several other tech-savvy online adaptations by the Royal family, including the launch of the Monarchy’s Flickr account earlier this year, its Twitter account last year and the launch of its YouTube channel three years ago.

Intrigued, this morning Kipp logged on to Facebook to try to find the page, but only found two pages: one was started two years ago (so probably isn’t the official page) and the other page consisted of four links including the Wikipedia description of the British Monarchy (we’re guessing this isn’t the official page either).

Regardless of how elusive the page is, Kipp is inclined to be skeptical; does merely setting up a skeleton of a Facebook page constitute as,  by any stretch of the word, ‘embracing’ the relatively new world of social media.

Social Media – the key word in this term, is social. What sets social media apart from websites and newsletters is the uncensored interaction between the viewers and the users. With the extent of user interaction with the British Monarchy through Facebook limited to ‘liking’ the page and its contents, Kipp’s wondering: what exactly is the point of the page?

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