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Sack boss, save money

Sack boss, save money

As work suggestions go, it’s a gem: Sack the boss, and put a trainee in charge.

September 14, 2010 4:34 by

Boss: “We need to save cash.”

Employee: “Well, you earn the most…”

Whatever is said about Ryanair, one of Europe’s low cost airlines, you can’t say they don’t provide a laugh. In the past, CEO Michael O’Leary has floated the idea of coin-operated toilets, asking passengers to carry checked-in luggage to the plane, and making passengers stand for flights so that more can be squeezed on. And just this week, he made more headlines when he suggested planes didn’t need co-pilots. Flight attendants could be trained to land a plane in an emergency, he argued.

His idea probably caused much merriment, but it also had people recoiling in horror – not all of O’Leary’s ideas fall by the wayside, and there is always an outside chance something like this could come to pass.

Hats off to the senior Ryanair pilot, then, who has spoken out against his boss in a letter to the Financial Times. Captain Morgan Fischer has suggested that, along the lines of a plane not needing a co-pilot, perhaps Ryanair does not need a CEO. “I would propose that Ryanair replace the CEO with a probationary cabin crew member currently earning approximately €13,200 net per annum,” he wrote.

“Ryanair would benefit by saving millions of euros in salary, benefits and stock options,” the captain said, and there would be no need for approval from the authorities.

In clever PR mode Ryanair has made light of the issue, with comms man Stephen McNamara saying O’Leary quite liked the idea: “Michael thinks that cabin crew would make a far more attractive CEO than him – this obviously isn’t a very high bar – so we are going to seriously look at the suggestion. After all, if we can train cabin crew to land the plane, it should be no problem training them to do Michael’s job as well.”

Kipp appreciates the advantages of low air fares, but thinks a line has to be drawn, so we’re proud of the pilot for speaking up. Safety should not be compromised for savings. But leaving that aside, we also like the fact that the captain has openly suggested he could do without his boss. How many more people secretly think the same, Kipp wonders?

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  1. Dieder Schmidt on September 15, 2010 4:53 am

    Errr…sack the Editors, Reporters and publisher of KippReport.

    Those freelancers, ideally from an ‘emerging market’ can edit it over the internet. I believe the word is crowd sourcing. The readers wouldn’t notice the difference.

    This will save stakeholders, millions of AED.


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