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See, I’m on TV

See, I’m on TV

The Dubai’s Mall new multimedia system looks to have great scope.

August 14, 2008 12:09 by

The Dubai Mall, set to open at the end of October this year, has just unveiled its new integrated multimedia system. With more than 400 high-definition LED displays and over 300 advertising panels, it does look like any marketer’s delight. And these screens are located throughout the mall – the public spaces, link bridges, lift lobbies and within themed areas like Fashion Avenue, and the Gold Souk.
The company has also said that one of the key features of the system is that a single image can be projected across the entire mall at the same time.
This is a feature that has huge potential. Apart from playing promos, capturing a live moment could really work well – maybe someone drinking a soft drink, walking through the mall, or a tired person sitting on a bench with a packet of popcorn. While it will immediately ensure the complete attention of people (Look, I’m on TV!), it would also provide good advertising for the soft drink/popcorn company. Of course, technology is needed, but if it works out it could grab shoppers’ attention and marketers’ money.

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