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Shame on you, ad man

Shame on you, ad man

Summer time’s here. And looks like with it comes some irresponsible promotions of banking products. Higher debt anyone?

May 30, 2011 3:15 by

‘Tis the season for vacation-planning. It’s that time of the year when the good, the bad and the ugly flee the desert heat and go on holiday whether it’s to cooler tropical climates or to even colder, snowy parts of the globe.

Whatever you fancy, one thing is for sure, you’re going to need some cash if you’re going on that fantasy cruise or any of those vacations you’ve often daydreamed of while at your desk browsing Kippreport. (Yeah, yeah we know…)

But it’s inevitable that this year some of us are a little bit short changed.

In a quick Kipp polls, when we asked “Are you planning for a Staycation in the UAE this summer?” About 26.2 per cent are all ‘packed and ready to go’ for their vacation abroad but a close 24.6 per cent say their ‘wallet is depleted’ and that they are home-bound this summer.

So for the 24.6 per cent who said they’re pretty much UAE-bound in the coming months, keep will Kipp you company…we’re going to be here for you during the long summer months. We’d honestly much rather have you here saving up your money for a rainy day (yes, pun definitely intended) than have you do what some companies are asking of you this summer.

This morning, Kipp heard on the radio a timely bank ad that starts out with people talking about travel plans, rather the lack of them. Then, lo and behold, the following blurb comes next “why not apply for our zero-interest loan so you can go on that dream vacation?!” (insert normal T&C stipulations here.)

Really? Seriously? After the crash of 2009 and the lull of 2010, is it really okay to offer a way to spend more than people can afford just so they can go on that ‘dream vacation?’ You don’t habe the cash to pay for a vacation, so borrow money so you can go and think about how to pay it later. Ah, isn’t this one of the reasons why we’re in this slump in the first place?

Of all the borderline lame and misleading ads Kipp has seen ‘round these parts, it’s ads like this that are just plain irresponsible and downright shameful.

Tsk. Tsk. Tsk.

NOTE: If you’re interested, the rest of Kipp’s poll showed a small 12.3 per cent still haven’t been given the OK to go on leave by their bosses while a cheeky 24 per cent of our lovely Kipp readers would much rather get real and call it ‘stuck at home’ rather than ‘staycation’. Good work for keeping up that cynicism, Kipp readers. You’ve done us proud.

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