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Special delivery: 4 bottles of wine and a crate of beer

Special delivery: 4 bottles of wine and a crate of beer

Finding out about one of the UAE’s first online portal for ordering and home-delivery of liquor got Kipp thinking about the importance of recognising niche markets.

August 17, 2011 1:51 by

When one of Kipp’s colleague told us that there is a company that sells and delivers alcohol to your very door step, “Only in the UAE” were the thoughts that went through our head. Of course, we thought he was joking and so we dismissed our colleagues insistence, until we went to the website he provided us:

Intrigued, we visited the website and the somewhat dated digital presence only gave us a company email and a single mobile number for a Mr Fabian. What else can we do but make that call. From what we gathered it was a lady at the other end of the line. We doubt it was Mr Fabian but we forged on anyway. The call revealed Centaurus is based in Ras Al Kaimah and that the company accepts orders and payment through their website and a minimum of 24-48 hours notice is required for the delivery. Nonetheless, the lady at the phone assured us, if we placed our order early in the morning, Centaurus could get us liquored by late afternoon.

Certain there must be a loop hole, we asked if we needed to provide proof of a liquor license or at the very least that we are of age—and to our utmost surprise a firm ‘no’ was the answer that came back to us.

Centaurus offers its customers a wide variety of champagnes, spirits, beers, wines and ciders-though at an inflated rate. Though, how the company has been able to avoid the country’s strict alcohol laws to date is still quite a mystery, there is no denying it caters to an under serviced niche market. It is no secret that there are certain Dubai residents who reserve weekends to do the “booze-runs” up to the northern Emirates and Centaurus has just managed to cut the effort short. We assume of course that they are a fully licensed business doing so.

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  1. Raj on August 20, 2011 10:49 am

    Shhhhhh! Don’t blow it.


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