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Spoil them rotten

Spoil them rotten

Expensive, fine jewelry for kids? Where do you draw the line?

November 24, 2008 3:16 by

Kipp just received a press release from Damas: the jewelry company is launching its new kid’s line called Fulla (yes, like Fulla the ‘Arab’ doll dressed in long underwear). We’ve cut and paste a section of the press release below. Kipp’s responses are in italics:

Fulla jewels are made of 18kt yellow gold with diamonds and attractive enamel colors to enhance the beauty of the wearer (Bear in mind that the Fulla line is for young girls. As in teenagers and adolescents. Since when did a 14-year-old need gold and diamonds to enhance her beauty?) These highly stylized assortments of incredibly beautiful, fine jewelry (fine jewelry? For a kid? Come on!) are available as a three-piece set (pendant chain, earrings and ring), brooches and bracelets. Initially more than 25 designs are being introduced in Dubai which definitely will be on the must-have list of all those parents who have profound love for their little girls (what about parents who don’t have the money to spend thousands on their kids’ jewelry collection? Or parents who think it’s insane to shower kids with things they can’t appreciate at that age? Oh wait, that’s right, they don’t have “profound love” for their children. Excuse us. Go on). The passion and careful attention that have gone into this new line are evident in the choice of materials, the well-thought out but simple design and the superb craftsmanship.

We’ve got to draw the line somewhere.

Alright, we’ve drawn the line: the only jewelry our kids will be wearing is the plastic rings they get in cereal boxes. And that’s final.

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