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Spying at $630 per minute

Spying at $630 per minute

According to reports, the UK spends a huge amount of money on surveillance every year.

October 21, 2009 2:45 by

Around $630 a minute, amounting to $330 million per year will be spent on public surveillance in the UK, according to a report in The Daily Mail. Officials in the country will have access to details of every click made by every citizen on the internet. According to the report, the amount indicates a 1,700 percent increase on the cost of the current surveillance program in the UK.

The “snooping actions” carried out by the police and government department has increased by 44 percent in two years, the report says.

It sounds ridiculous that a country collects money from its people to spy on them. And not just spy on their phone calls and e-mails, but on every move that they make on the internet.

The only positive thing is that the move will hopefully reduce the number of pedophile cases that seem to abound in the UK.

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