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Stay at a luxury resort for $20

Stay at a luxury resort for $20

But this San Diego destination will make you sleep in a tent.

August 10, 2009 3:47 by

For two weeks in August the Rancho Bernardo Inn, a luxury resort in San Diego, is offering customers a “survivor package.” The unique deal charges less for each amenity guests give up; for example, by letting go of bed, breakfast, air-conditioning, towels, toilet paper and lighting, customers can stay for as little as $19 a night. The only thing they’ll get in the room is a small tent.

“It’s our way of getting people here that might not normally come,” the resort’s general manager, John Gates, told the San Diego Union-Tribune. He hopes that people who use the promotion will return to stay at full price.

We doubt many people will go to a luxury resort only to have to sleep in a tent… unless, of course, it’s a hotel like the Burj Al Arab, or maybe the Atlantis. You might as well go camping, or put up a tent in your house.

What do you think – is the resort’s idea smart or stupid?

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  1. Tom Martin on August 12, 2009 3:40 am

    This is brilliant!!! Going minimalist on the room, but still enjoying the ambiance and amenities of the RB Inn has got me thinking of adjusting my current plans and dropping in for a unique and, I’m sure, rewarding experience!!!


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