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Streets paved with culture

Streets paved with culture

The Dubai government plans to name streets after cultural references

January 12, 2009 1:31 by

Culture isn’t Dubai’s forte. You might disagree, but you’re wrong.

We’re not suggesting Dubai doesn’t have a culture; there’s culture everywhere. What we mean is that as expatriates in the emirate, the only time we ever come across in Dubai’s culture is if we go out of our way to find it.

But that’s about to change, in a mild, comical but curious way. According to an article in Gulf News, a committee will be set up by the Dubai Municipality to name Dubai’s streets after cultural references. The street names will “reflect the history and culture of the emirate.”

There’s no point in being cynical about the government’s efforts; to be fair, they’ve transformed this city-state into a booming emirate (in spite of the financial crisis), and they couldn’t have achieved all they have been able to without having to sacrifice some aspects of their culture.

So, we look forward to shopping on Falconry Avenue, meeting up for coffee on Umm Ali Lane and taking a stroll down Palm Waving Corniche.

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  1. Alan on January 13, 2009 10:08 am

    Streets lined with culture? The only things I see lining the streets is litter and phlegm. Does that count?


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