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Summer is starting, not ending

Summer is starting, not ending

Clarins has just released a new line of products called ‘Instant Sun Light’, targeted for winter. Great timing.

May 5, 2009 2:23 by

We received a press release from Clarins announcing their new product. Here’s what it said:

“Once summer’s over, how can you keep that healthy glow which makes you feel so good? The Instant Sun Light Collection from Clarins. A new line of sun-kissed make-up delights for golden radiance and a great summer feeling all through the year.”

The release was even poetic: “The secret lies in the flattering rays of sunset tones that filter through the collection. Golds and corals melt together, reflecting light in a unique way, for a sun-kissed look.”

While we are not out to debate whether the cosmetic products give a “sun-kissed look” or not, we are questioning the timing of the release.

The heat is just starting to get worse in the region, so why would anybody start worrying about what products to use when the summer is over?

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