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Superhero syndrome

Superhero syndrome

Juggling sea exploration, filmmaking and saving the world, is James Cameron the next renaissance man?

March 16, 2011 5:45 by

Remember that Batman and Robin TV series from the 60s? The one where the dynamic duo regularly climb buildings looking like they are literally walking up with the rope merely being used as a guide? Here’s a reminder at 2:41 and enjoy the rest of it for old time’s sake.

From the days of Adam West’s fun as the Caped Crusader all the way to the 3D heroes of James Cameron’s Avatar, movie and TV magic, no matter how silly or over the top it looks, is what entertainment is all about.

But while we know that Avatar was done with CGs and green screens, Kipp is a little bit concerned that James Cameron is starting to forget that this is all smoke and mirrors.

The critically acclaimed director says he is preparing for an expedition to the Mariana Trench, where seismic surveys will be done “so we can avoid another Indonesia and Japan.”

Holy Hammour, Kipp readers! Did a Hollywood director he just say he can find a way to prevent earthquakes from happening?

Well, Kipp’s always up for a challenge and there really isn’t anything much bigger than stopping a natural disaster. So Jim, baby, if you’re listening… there may be no need to go 11,000 feet under the sea.

It may just be the supermoon that’s apparently caused all this trouble. So instead of going into the depths of the sea, maybe you should be looking to the moon for answers. Why don’t we hop on one of those space stations from Avatar and check out what’s going on there?

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