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Switch off to make money

Switch off to make money

Dewa’s new initiative seems like a great idea, but how effective will it actually be?

August 13, 2008 1:05 by

The Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (Dewa) is now hoping that money will tempt people in Dubai to switch off. The authority has started a new conservation programme, offering residents up to Dh5,000, if they reduce water and electricity consumption on a daily basis.
But is Dewa targeting the right sector? According to 2007 Dewa records, the residential sector in Dubai consumed 60 per cent of water and 30 per cent of power supplied by them.
While it’s a good incentive to reduce energy consumption, it does seem uncertain how successful it can be. After all, the peak of summer is not the best time for people to enjoy outdoors. And while even switching off a single bulb can make a difference, a house’s consumption does seem insignificant compared to what a mall is using. According to recent reports, the UAE needs to spend more than $10bn to meet the soaring power demand.
And it also does seem slightly ridiculous to ask people to turn off their taps, when the city is still patting its back on introducing showers on board the new Emirates A380. Reports say, the plane will need to carry an additional 25 percent of water for the facility.

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