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The Bottom of Dubai’s Journalistic Barrel

The Bottom of Dubai’s Journalistic Barrel

Emirates Business 24-7 wows us again

May 6, 2009 3:28 by

There are times when we have trouble finding good stories to report on. Like most journalists, we have to self-censor ourselves, which limits us to the kind of stories we can explore. But we assure you that no matter how slow the news is, we will never write an article as packed with waffle or titles as the one below.

Introducing… The Bottom of Dubai’s Journalistic Barrel.

The offending newspaper is Emirates Business 24-7, which has been responsible for some corny (although entertaining) articles. The title of this masterpiece is UAE expresses reservation at selection of Riyadh as GCC Central Bank HQ .

Unfortunately for the tortured journalist, the only piece of news he or she had is what’s written in the title. Everything else is drivel. The first line reads: “The UAE delegation to the 11th GCC Consultative Summit has expressed reservation at a resolution for selecting Saudi capital Riyadh as headquarters of the GCC Central Bank.”

It’s the last piece of news you’ll get. The rest is about who travelled to Riyadh, from which airport, and who met them in Saudi, and finally, when the UAE delegation returned. That’s two lines of news, and 21 lines of babble.

And yes, we’re well aware that ranting about the article in our blog gives the article far more coverage than it deserves; we don’t care.

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