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The fight against sexual harassment in Lebanon

The fight against sexual harassment in Lebanon

A new TV ad depicts a cartoon character called ‘Salwa’ hitting her lecherous boss with a red handbag.

May 11, 2010 4:30 by

The Lebanese League of Independent Activists (IndyACT) has launched a campaign to promote gender equality, following what they say is a dramatic rise in reports of sexual harassment. ‘The Adventures of Salwa’ utilizes cartoons and videos across a variety of social media, as well as newspaper, magazine, blogs and TV.

The TV ad depicts Salwa being summoned by her cigar-smoking boss, who holds out a promotion in front of her. When Salwa reaches out for the promotion form, her boss tries to kiss her. Red with anger, she hits him with her handbag before slamming the door behind her.

“It is no longer acceptable for our streets to become a place where we are unable to walk,” said campaign coordinator Leen Hashem in a statement on the IndyACT website. “And being silent about such practices shows our weakness, so Salwa will speak,” she added.

The campaign will feature regular meetings for victims to encourage dialogue and solutions, as well as a website for the exchange of information, experiences, and ideas.

To kick off the campaign, promoters plan to distribute ‘Salwa bags’, which contain strategies for dealing with harassment, along with instructions for filing formal complaints.

To this Kipp says: Better late than never. And don’t miss Salwa in action here on YouTube.

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