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The Obvious Things People Say

The Obvious Things People Say

Kipp’s had it with the Captain Obvious(es) that are constantly featured in the local papers.

June 29, 2011 4:28 by

Kipp’s convinced there is more than enough content in local papers for a special section that can only be deservedly titled “No Shit, Sherlock”.

And though there were serious contenders for this section, we’d like to kick things off with this one article that pretty much sums up a global trend: i.e. people do not save enough. But wait, let’s not ruin it all for you, let’s hand it over to trusty old Gulf News at this point:

“Nine out of ten UAE residents feel they do not have enough savings to adequately support their future, according to a new study by National Bonds Corporation.

The research, conducted by YouGovSiraj, shows 71 percent of people in the UAE do not save regularly and almost half the population saved much less than they planned to last year

Dr Mohammad Al Asoomi, a UAE-based economist, said it was important for all UAE residents, regardless of nationality or the emirate in which they live, to start putting part of their salary into a savings account each month.”

Wait, a minute, are you really saying that after extensive research, the general trend among UAE residents is that they DO NOT to save? Gasp.

At this point we hope you are seated at this point, as Dr. Al Asoomi also suggested in the article that UAE residents should save. Yes, all residents, “regardless of nationality or the emirate they live in” must start saving.

Wow. O-M-G, as the kids say. Colour Kipp surprised. Who would have thought that saving money is an essential thing to do? We wish Gulf News published this article ages ago because we’ve been squandering our money all this time on cheap tricks and caffeine.

Save. No shit, Sherlock. Now if only the article actually talked about the best and easiest ways to save.

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  1. Trendy on July 1, 2011 7:55 am

    K’MON babe, you dont get it? it means put money in local banks for them to make more profits and use your money out there.Bkoze that’s the next big thing. After loosing money on property…. you will lose your cash in the banks. They will go bast and oops, it is force major. You heard that before didn’t u?

  2. George Thomson on July 1, 2011 2:21 pm

    I like reading Kippreport articles because sometimes they have just the right kind of thought.

    Interesting post I must say.


    George (from

  3. Saver on July 3, 2011 2:30 pm

    It’s a simple – possibly paid for – plug for National Bonds who, despite the name, are a private company.


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