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The perfect gift this Eid

The perfect gift this Eid

If you are willing to spend AED16,300 on a present, then Axiom has it.

December 4, 2008 1:58 by

If you are searching for an Eid al-Adha gift, look no further. So says Axiom, which has just come out with its “latest must have mobile phone for fashionistas.”

The limited edition Nefertiti phone has been “inspired by the great royal wife of the Pharaoh known for her beauty throughout Egypt,” and “exudes the decadence and mystery of a bygone era.” To be fair, it reminded Kipp of our childhood when we played with colored stones and beads.

The individual pieces feature “true vintage 1930’s collectables made in England, and 24 karat gold coated Swarovski crystals.” Is there a risk of maiming your face if you press the phone to your ear?

This “exquisite” phone costs AED16,300, and if you want to gift it during the Eid festival (which symbolizes the sacrifice that Abraham was willing to make), then you better buy it quickly, only 50 were produced.

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