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The shopping hunger

The shopping hunger

Report suggests that retail spending in the UAE will see a robust growth in spite of the financial crisis.

December 15, 2008 3:02 by

“The boom on spending will be fuelled by the expansion of retail footage in Dubai, where mall growth is estimated at 200 per cent, as well as consumers’ unstoppable appetite for affordable products,” reports Gulf News, quoting a retail industry source.

As soon as we read the report, we immediately began to visualize (and enact) people who are thirsting and craving for more malls; people yelling, “Give me more malls, this is not enough.” “I need to shop more, more, more…”

The report also says that retail consumer spending in the UAE will exceed $10 billion in 2009 (yes, $10 billion). How much are you going to be contributing to that huge sum?

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