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The UAE does it again: the ‘coolest’ Black Hawks you’ll ever see

The UAE does it again: the ‘coolest’ Black Hawks you’ll ever see

Kipp’s all tingly inside. Yesterday it was the caviar-storing Lamborghini and today it’s all about the air-conditioned VIP military helicopters, baby!

July 5, 2011 4:15 by

“Since 1978, the Black Hawk helicopter has been the work horse for the US Army, performing troop transport, combat assault, re-supply and many other missions” (From Sikorsky’s official website)

The noble black hawk has been at the centre of many successful military operations and the inspiration for several combat scenes on the silver screen. Heli-enthusiasts don a look of reverie and awe when speaking of the mighty Black Hawk. And perhaps unsatisfied with their standard issue commercialised Hummers (its history beginning in the military, as well), certain VIPs in the UAE are looking to customise the rugged Black Hawk to be fitted with air conditioning and more “comfortable” seats.

After yesterday’s blog on the world’s most expensive car, customised for an unnamed UAE businessman, complete with its own porcelain caviar tray, we can’t really say we aren’t surprised at the UAE’s latest elitist penchant.

According to a US government report, the UAE is considering the purchase of five Black Hawk helicopters customised to transport VIPs wherever they please.

Stephen Suttles, UAE business director for Sikorsky, Black Hawk’s manufacturer, told the press: “They have a top-end [that is] interior designed for comfort and efficiency. They’re quieter inside. Everything is normal standard Black Hawk stuff.”

Making what was once termed the “world’s best combat assault and utility helicopter” quieter and more comfortable? What’s next? Specialised rifles that come complete with personalised mirrors and hair brushes? Diamond encrusted toilets customised to compliment shapely derrières? Mineral water enriched with gold flakes? A tattoo made of gold? What’s that? All you’ve seen all of these things around town already? Oh, what a surprise…

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  1. Khawar Nehal on July 18, 2011 10:29 am

    Cool idea. More reliable and redundant helicopters for transport of VIPs.

    On a side note. A new website for your UAE related stuff.




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