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Thinking outside the $130,000 box

Thinking outside the $130,000 box

A German company, Lorenz, has just released what it claims is the world’s most expensive LCD TV in the Middle East . But what else could you get for the same price?

September 14, 2008 12:48 by

German company Schaub Lorenz has just unveiled what it claims is the world’s most expensive LCD TV at $130,000, in the Middle East. The 40-inch telly is studded with diamonds and white gold. The TV is completely hand-made, without screws or welding, and is also said to be eco-friendly. It can also be custom-made to include precious stones from emeralds and amethysts to rubies.

For $130,000, you could also stay in the most expensive hotel room in the region, the Bridge Suite of the Atlantis hotel (opening next week) for five nights. It costs $25,000 per night.

$130,000 – that’s the salary that a minimum-wage female Indian domestic worker in the UAE will earn in thirty six years. (Earlier this year, the Indian government announced a minimum of $299.5 per month for them).

And for $130,000, you can fly from Dubai to London Heathrow and back more than 100 times with Emirates Airlines (at current rates).

What would you choose?

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