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This has nothing to do with you, immodest hussies

This has nothing to do with you, immodest hussies

Farashati, a new label, is offering "modesty clothing" for women with values.

July 14, 2009 1:03 by

We always felt our colleagues dress immodestly; why do their dresses have to be so short? Their shirts so tight? And why have they forsaken their values for Chanel? Why?

How can Kipp help them? Is there a boutique in Dubai where our colleagues can buy modest clothing?

Yes there is.

Thanks to a colorful press release Kipp received today, we can now recommend Farashati, which “aims to provide chic dressing options for ladies who want to be stylish without compromising on their values – housing a wide range of demure outfits with complimenting scarves.”

Farashati coined the term “modesty clothing.”

That’s right, dear colleagues, throw away your slutty outfits, and cover up… fashionably.

There’s a term for a press release like this… it has nothing to with modesty. It’s an ugly term that will get our immodest selves fired. Use your imagination.

In all honestly, Farashati is a good idea. We have many friends who are veiled and who complain that they can’t be fashionable because they aren’t enough stores that cater to them.

We simply don’t like the wording. Just because a woman wears a short skirt doesn’t mean she has no values.


  1. Farashati on July 16, 2009 10:36 pm

    Let’s admit, modesty is a seriously underplayed trend in today’s fashion and nobody is complaining :) However, let’s also agree that there are women who are not comfortable showing skin and that should be respected too. I was talking about these women for whom ‘modesty’ is a value and also a part of their culture.

    That however does not mean that a woman comfortable in her skin is valueless?! Every individual has their own set of values and are free to make their own choices. A simple example is the handshake greeting. While it’s common custom to shake hands with the opposite gender in the Western world (and would be considered rude to refuse), it’s not the case in the Gulf countries….where a woman is not supposed to shake hands with a man…. 2 different values….two different cultures….both equally respected :)

    Coming to the term ‘modesty clothing’, do Google on it. In the US and UK it is a term used to refer to clothing that isn’t revealing but is stylish. Ironically, the concept is yet to be introduced in the Gulf countries although I do feel that the cultural sensitivity should have demanded such a line earlier. Some firms have also introduced the term ‘Islamic clothing’ which is very loose garments with head scarf, again a part of the Islamic culture and definitely a value for them. Our range can’t really be categorized in Islamic clothing, even though we give our customers the option of buying a complimentary head scarf because a customer can also buy the ensemble without the head gear, hence the term ‘modesty clothing’ and not Islamic clothing.

    I have been racking my brain for another term but simply couldn’t think of a better one (any suggestions?) and then I thought I might as well go with this, as it can be easily goggled by my customer who just calls this line as ‘modesty clothing’.

    By the way, I wonder what you would say if you read my blog because I have got a very cheeky intro ;) Nevertheless I am happy you bought this up since you gave me the perfect excuse to clarify that Farashati isn’t flagellating anyone for their dress sense or choices in general.

    I am glad that you acknowledge the honesty and integrity behind the concept of Farashati and hope that you will recommend it to your veiled friends.

    Have a great day.

  2. Carlo on July 19, 2009 11:08 am

    Exactly because a girl wears a short skirt means that she doesn’t have certain values, obviously the first which comes in mind is: modesty. But it’s not the only one. Pretty useless to hide behind the proverbial naked finger…
    The concept of everyone having different values and it’s good like this (oversimplifying Farashati’s reply) doesn’t work to create a society, which is exactly the human space of shared customs and values, with differences which can exist without being “orthogonal”, unless creating a “fake” society like…Dubai? Many layers and bricks together, no real glue, no real “mixing” in relevant proportion.


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