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Those lucky laborers

Those lucky laborers

An Emirates ad pushes Kipp over the edge.

May 20, 2009 4:04 by

A Dubai-based laborer from the Indian Sub-Continent is one lucky guy. Sudakhar Golem, a 24-year-old construction worker, is the focus of a new advertising campaign for Emirates Airline called “Meet Dubai.”

“We have fixed hours, a time for lunch and breaks, and a time to finish work. Working with people from other cultures has taught me a lot,” Golem says in the airline’s Open Skies magazine.

You see? He has a specific time for lunch and breaks. He’s not exploited. So you take your accusations of human rights abuses in the UAE’s construction industry and shove them up your…

Wait a minute.

According to the airline’s statement to Arabian Business, Emirates is “inviting existing and new visitors to discover an arguably overlooked aspect of Dubai’s amazing story – its residents.”  That’s funny. If Dubai’s story is so amazing, then why put a quote in about lunch breaks? What’s so amazing about that?

So is life in Dubai amazing because his company follows the law?

You know, we hear that workers are given drinking water during the day; that’s pretty amazing, right?

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