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To Bangkok, with hope

To Bangkok, with hope

Are any UAE residents flying all the way to Bangkok for a swine flu vaccine?

August 5, 2009 2:00 by

Gulf News today features a story about UAE residents who are supposedly travelling to Bangkok after hearing that a swine flu vaccine may be available there. “I visited a Bangkok hospital last month because my daughter had to undergo surgery and found that a flu vaccine, believed to be effective against swine flu, was available at several hospitals and clinics in Bangkok. I also purchased some,” Eisa Al Hammadi, an Emirati in Ras Al Khaimah told the paper.

The rumors suggested that Bangkok International Hospital had developed a vaccine costing between AED800 and AED1,000.

However the hospital has rubbished the reports, and when Gulf News passed on the message on to Al Hammadi, he apparently “acknowledged there had been a misunderstanding.”

Would anyone really go to Bangkok to buy swine flu medicine? Would you?

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