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Trust me, I’m a spin doctor

Trust me, I’m a spin doctor

A survey has found that UAE residents have surprisingly high trust in the media and banks.

January 26, 2010 3:39 by

According to a survey from Edelman, UAE residents’ trust in the government is among the highest in the world. The finding comes in the PR firm’s annual ‘Trust Barometer’, which this year canvassed the opinion of UAE residents for the first time.

Out of 200 people surveyed in the UAE – both Emiratis and expatriates – around 67 percent expressed trust in the government.  Those questioned have less trust in NGOs, which attracted a rating of 45 percent, compared with 63 percent in the US and 74 percent in the Netherlands.

Surprisingly, UAE residents have more trust in the media than residents of most Western countries. Traditional channels such as newspapers were highly rated, while social networking sites were deemed the least credible sources of information. This is despite the widely-reported fact that local media outlets practice heavy self-censorship.

The survey also found that trust in banks is high at 75 percent, compared to levels as low as 29 percent in US and 19 percent in Germany.

Where have these people been?

According to the company, the people surveyed were “influencers, well-educated and high on the socio-economic scale”. So they’re clearly aware of the issues involved.

But Kipp would like to ask another question: Do we trust Edelman’s survey? We do not doubt the genuine trust UAE residents have in the government – this is, after all, one of the most stable countries in an otherwise troubled region. But do people really trust the media here, given its obvious self-censorship? And the banks, moneymen and bean-counters, given the financial crisis?

One thing to note is that the survey was conducted between September 29 and December 6 last year. And so one assumes that the bulk of the interviews took place before November 25, when the news of the Dubai World debt standstill emerged.

With this in mind, it will certainly be interesting to see the 2011 edition of Edelman’s survey…

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  1. Raja on January 27, 2010 7:08 am

    trust in Edelman’s report?! As long as it contributes to the PR strategy(-less) efforts of the city, yeah, who are we to challenge it.I mean, they are telling us that the Truman Show goes on and we should never leave the studio wjere it is hosted. Trust Edelman’s report?? It is not up to us to trust it, it is up to those who comissione it to look at the sample chosen, at the metghodology used, and the analysis done, and other metrics that formulates the credibility of a report, and not simply stop at the rosy honky dory title it provides for tomorrow’s edition.

  2. Tag wook on January 27, 2010 1:29 pm

    Looks like Edelman is planning to set up an office in UAE, this is the first step of appeasment of the authority to bag more orders from the rulers of emirates and finally after filing their coffers one fine day Edelman will release the true report of the state of affairs

  3. John on January 31, 2010 8:26 am

    Edelman blew their credibility with the famous Walmart fake blog several years ago. They lied about it and got caught, and nothing the privately-held firm has done since has had a jot of credibility. The scion once famously opined that the media needed Edelman more than Edelman needed the media. Their relationships in the UAE are also dodgy, starting with the Asda’a fiasco which saw them being fired when B-M acquired control, this after B-M fired Asda’a in 2003. That a Jewish-owned firm should so openly support Israel yet take money from its enemies shows real class. Not!


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