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UAE’s 14 tonnes of caviar: to eat or put on your face

The Caviar Facial might be an excellent brand extension for Abu Dhabi’s plans on growing the biggest caviar factory in the world.

November 15, 2011 3:54 by

Earlier this year Kipp reported on the twenty-two live Siberian sturgeon who were airlifted to Abu Dhabi to boost development of the capital’s dream of building world’s biggest caviar factory (cue evil laugh). The plant is a joint venture between Bin Salem Holding, a local conglomerate, and United Food Technologies, a German company. Five months after the airlift, the Royal Caviar Company (TRCC) reported that it has witnessed the hatching of its first sturgeon fish here in Abu Dhabi.

According to The National, given the rate of development of the young sturgeon, it could be a good five years until purely local caviar can be available for retail consumption. But when it finally gets to full production capacity it is believed the farm will produce 35 tonnes of caviar and up to 710 tonnes of sturgeon meat and fillets.

Now given that the UAE is estimated to consume over 14 tonnes of caviar a year (which is considerable amount for the miniscule population—who is eating all this caviar?) the farm is sure to meet local demand and then some. Which is why, we can’t help but wonder if the TRCC will consider using some of their local produce for Hollywood’s latest trend, the caviar facial.

The Caviar Facial (AP)

If you are skeptical of the effectiveness of such a treatment, then clearly you were not paying enough attention to the monotonous vapid victim, we mean customer, who speaks, rather convincingly, of the wonders of the caviar facial. “It was almost as if you can feel the toxics escaping and the tonics and the vitamins going in” she expressionlessly exclaims. Did you hear that? She said it “almost” did its job. That’s enough us queuing.
As strange and wasteful as the treatment may seem it should find a considerable clientele here in the UAE where the 1 percent makes up a considerable amount of the population. A caviar facial will find a good place next to other widely available vanity treatments here in the UAE including gold facials, iced diamond manicures, Swarovski-crystals-studded Al Muntaha air purifiers and of course the special gold tattoo.

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  1. MK on November 16, 2011 11:44 am

    I’m speechless!!!


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