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UAE National Day a video compilation

UAE National Day a video compilation

With the tagline “Spirit of the Union” the UAE celebrates 40 decades of history this weekend, here’s a collection of videos made to show national pride.

November 30, 2011 5:17 by

A good number of the more than 8 million inhabitants—of which barely a million are Emiratis, will be celebrating the 40th year of the UAE’s existence.

It’s quite fascinating isn’t it? If you think about it, 40 years is all it took for this desert nation to build the metropolis that we see around us now. Putting aside potential debates about some of the roads taken to get to where the city is now, the building of a nation in less than half a century is something impressive.

We are, if nothing else, always keeping an eye out for loopholes and a discrepancy here because we believe there is a capability here to do better. It’s a matter of choice, attitude and time.

And so here is a compilation of videos made by and for the residents of the UAE, in light of this previous weekend’s celebrations for the 40th UAE National Day.

UPDATE: Kipp was contacted by a Kipper to include this video to the list, which we have to say it “humming” effort:

Here’s the official one from youtube account, nationaldayuae:

This one is from city1016:

Here’s a stop motion one from Dan Malak:

And another one (in Arabic) from Fadiizaldin:

There are also companies, like ADCO (Abu Dhabi Company for Onshore Oil Operations), that started celebrations with a traditional dance performance:

Here’s a clip (with faint audio) from thehap of a parade in Dubai’s Naif area:

Here’s a strange little treat from the Emaar Retail of the Emirati Dance:

Happy National Day to our UAE Kippers!

(Population figures are based on figures from the UAE Statistics Bureau for the first half of 2010.)

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