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Wanted: The next cultural fad. Reward: Gazillions of dollars

Wanted: The next cultural fad. Reward: Gazillions of dollars

We’ve had dinosaurs, global catastrophes, various comic characters, hobbits, Da Vinci codes, boy wizards, vampires… what will be the next cultural fad? Figure it out to cash in.

July 7, 2010 3:58 by

Kipp is not, by and large, impressed by Harry Potter. As a work of literature its merits are, at best, questionable. From a kid’s point of view, we can quite see the appeal. But why we so regularly see grown adults engrossed is beyond us; it’s not exactly Dickens.

And as for this Twilight vampire malarkey, well it’s all been done before, hasn’t it? In fact both the boy wizard and the brooding vampire at high school are hardly creations of extreme originality.

None the less, you can’t argue with the numbers. People love this stuff. This year sees the launch of the third film in the Twilight series, and the amount of money it will bring in is staggering. The first film garnered $392 million, the second $710 million. The third film is romping towards being one of the biggest box office openers of all time in the US, according to Gulf News. And don’t even get Kipp started on that boy wizard and his new theme park. As if JK Rowling needed any more money…

The bottom line is, they may not strike Kipp as being creations of stunning cultural value, but they sure as heck get the tills ringing. And there’s a goldmine for whoever stumbles on the next cultural fad. We were amused by a short Onion article (for the uninitiated, the Onion is a spoof news website) reporting on a publisher desperate to convince people that minotaurs were the new vampires.

They’re onto something with this. If Kipp can figure out the next cultural fad before it happens, we could make a fortune. So, what will it be? Kipp is thinking it could be some sort of hybrid. Vampire dinosaurs perhaps, vampire wizards, wizard dinosaurs… Or maybe we need to freshen things up a little. A ghost dinosaur?

Wait, we have it. A Yeti. A yeti in an American high school has a romance with a mermaid, who wants to be captain of the cheer team.

Ok, maybe it’s not as easy as we thought.

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