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A penguin made the news because of Will and Kate

A penguin made the news because of Will and Kate

…adopting a baby penguin, for crying out loud! Stop! Kipp’s had enough of the royal wedding gossip and coverage. We beg for a truce!

May 8, 2011 5:40 by

Kipp really wasn’t quite the fan of the Royal Wedding. The speculation prior to the event nearly drove us insane. What will she be wearing, what he will be wearing. Who will design the royal gown? Who will be invited? Who will be the best man? Who cares? [was more like Kipp’s reaction.]

But finally, finally the blessed wedding occurred. The media went crazy with it, but all although of the coverage and commentary might just have been good for the royal wedding fans, Kipp found ourselves thinking. It proved to be something of a catharsis as far as we are concerned. Finally everyone got all of their royal-wedding mania out of their system. Or so Kipp hoped.

Until, we saw this heartwarming (NOT) article about Prince William and Kate adopting a baby penguin.

The adopted baby penguin, named Acorn (in case you were concerned), will not be not be moving out, but will instead remain at the zoo in Chester Zoo where he lives with 49 other Humbolt penguins.

A spokesman for the zoo told the press “Hopefully the happy couple will come and see little Acorn playing in his pool very soon.”


Right, because little Acorn really would care if the newlyweds pay him a visit? Because anyone apart from Kate, Will and Acorn really care to know about their new arrangement? Come on people! We thought seeing the two awkwardly grimace and kiss on the balcony meant an end to the ridiculous speculation and commentary—guess we were wrong…Is anyone else tired of the ridiculous commentary as we are?

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  1. Juhaina on May 16, 2011 10:52 am

    It’s truly pathetic. There are more serious issues around the world that we need to fill our newspapers with & cover. I hope this was not a headline in the newspapers in the UK.


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