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We will never stop talking

We will never stop talking

…proves Du’s recent profit report. The telecom operator announced an AED8 million profit for 2008.

February 10, 2009 1:28 by

Telecom operator du has just reported an annual net profit of AED4 million for 2008. Its revenues for the year grew by 157 percent from 2007 to reach AED3.95 billion. According to du, its highest quarterly profit of AED78 million came in the fourth and last quarter of the year, the time when the financial crisis was squeezing the money out of most other companies.

“We were a little bit ambitious about setting the targets for the company… we have exceeded them,” Osman Sultan, du’s CEO told Gulf News.

This year, the company plans to invest an additional AED2 billion in infrastructure.

We think that people talk more during a crisis. Do you agree?

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  1. Abdul Ghafoor on February 11, 2009 9:28 am

    Of course they do talk more during crisis times to vent their anger and frustrations over host of issues concerning them.

    I wish Du all the best and hope they do provide alternative service to that of Etisalat. We first believed that Monopoly, that Etisalat was, will be no more. However, that really do not hold good as the pricing of both the companies, when compared with international pricing of the same services, are way high than being rational. At best it’s a duopoly situation and customer is still being exploited by both the players.

  2. Lianne on February 11, 2009 10:21 am

    Of course they’ll have more profit during a crisis. People are already frustrated enough with job cuts, salary cuts and higher prices. Then du comes in with their incorrect billings, unexplained charges and unhelpful customer service. We don’t have the patience to grin and bear it anymore so we complain like heck to du. And we get charged for it too.


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