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What’s in a name? Just ask Fish Fish

What’s in a name? Just ask Fish Fish

Did you know your name can be a major factor in your future success? Kipp has unearthed the names that would give your offspring a head start.

July 21, 2010 2:27 by

The British family tree website has re-indexed its database, according to the Telegraph, and in doing so uncovered some rather curious information about how some British people name their children.

For instance, since the Second World War there have been 20 babies named Adolph. In the 1960s five babies were named Ringo, and in the 70s eight were named Pele. But most curious of all, in the late 19th century, 10 babies in the county of Lancashire were given the name Fish Fish. And at least one was registered with the name Fish Fish Fish. Seriously. What on earth does life have in store for a person named Fish Fish Fish?

There’s a fantastic episode of the Simpsons when Homer decides that all these years it is his name that has been holding him back, so he changes it to something a little more… proactive. And so he becomes Max Power. Max is an immediate hit, making powerful new contacts, excelling at work, respected and remembered by everyone.

Surely it couldn’t work in the real world? Kipp wonders. Would we be a slightly more dynamic website, out in the field armed with nothing but our wits and an iPad (ie not sitting at our desk eating chocolate biscuits at a Spectrum ZX) if we had been called something like “Hyperbiz,” or “Dynareport?”

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