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What does your receipt say about you?

What with a few racist receipts and extravagant bills making it to the internet, Kipp’s wondering what the weirdest receipt you ever received was like.


January 11, 2012 1:37 by

We don’t know about you, but all we ever look for in receipt is that everything adds up. Maybe if the bill is suspiciously expensive, we might look over to see if any item has been checked in more than once. But as taking and uploading photographs of interesting receipts are becoming something of a meme, Kipp can’t help but think we need to become a little more vigilant in our receipt-handling.

Here in the Emirates, two receipts have been making the rounds on social media-for the display of sheer extravagance. The first one to hit the internet was this bill from a rather crazy night out for a birthday celebration.

A total of Dh387,988, the Cavalli bill includes a 6-litre bottle of Cristal Champagne for Dh125,000, a couple of 2-litre bottles of Cristal for Dh70,000, 24 Diet Cokes at Dh528, 10 Red Bulls at Dh290, 13 bottles of Roederer Cristal at Dh84,240, a 3-litre Cavalli vodka at Dh4,950, four bottle of Chivas 12 costing Dh4,360. and a birthday cake for Dh120. Occupy Cavalli, anyone?

Not long after the Cavalli bill had surfaced, this receipt from Emirates Palace’s club, Etoiles, for a hefty grand total of Dh476,056.88. If you look close enough, you will note that the service charge on bill alone is Dh41,211.80,

Another publicised example of this trend of uploading unusual receipts online comes from Minhee Cho, a communications manager at nonprofit investigative journalism group ProPublica, who posted a photo of a Papa John’s receipt on her Twitter along with “just FYI my name isn’t ‘lady chinky eyes.’”

Papa John’s has since apologised on its Facebook page: “We were extremely concerned to learn of the receipt issued in New York.”

So we are turning it around to you, dear Kipp readers. Do you give your receipt more attention than the good ‘ol once over? If so, what is the weirdest receipt you have ever received and if you’ve got a photo of it, send it over!


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