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When will the cleanup start?

When will the cleanup start?

The government vows to crackdown on corruption and bribery in Dubai

August 18, 2008 1:10 by

“The government of Dubai will take strict and prompt action against all acts of corruption and bribery wherever they occur in the emirate, whether in the public of private sectors.”

The news has made headlines in every regional newspaper/magazine in the last two days. Thanks to high profile officials in Nakheel and Tamweel coming under the scanner for bribery and other charges, the government seems very eager to establish a strong stand against such issues.

But while it has promised action, the government is yet to announce any specific or concrete steps to tackle the issue.

A recent report says that construction boom in the Gulf and Saudi Arabia is set to reach more than $330bn by the end of this year. With so much money being pumped into real estate, and with property developers mushrooming by the day, strict and clear guidelines against corruption and bribery are needed. Aren’t they?

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