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Whip the unfaithful

Whip the unfaithful

A survey conducted in Brunei found that most residents think that men who cheat on their wives should be whipped.

October 22, 2009 2:41 by

Whip the adulterous husband.  That’s according to 76 percent of the 272 respondents who took part in a survey conducted by website in Brunei. However, only 55 percent of the respondents said that unfaithful wives should receive the same punishment.

“The result of the survey is an indication of the pent-up feelings that women harbor against irresponsible men,” a social worker was quoted as saying on the website, reports Reuters.

While we agree that adultery is a crime, it’s scary that most people in a country would resort to something as violent as whipping a philandering spouse.  What do you think- is whipping the answer to end adultery? Or is the poll only theoretical?

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  1. Papu Kangi on October 22, 2009 3:42 pm

    Well they’re pretty lucky if they can get away with just whipping. If the country enforces the Islamic law, they’re probably looking for a death sentence. So the next time you’re on the stage getting your @rse whipped, smile and be thankful you’re lucky.

  2. Yumus Bekiden on October 25, 2009 7:33 am

    Are you serious? Islamic law calls for a death sentence for adultery?? Come on people, at least make some intelligent responses. I studied Sharia and it is well known that…
    1. death is no punishment for adultery
    2. 3 witnesses need to do catch the adulterous couple for there to be a punishment
    3. the ‘thread test’ is required (unable to seperate a man and woman)

    So pls Papu and others don’t just spurt out nonsense. Get something intelligent out there or pls hold your peace.

  3. Papu Kangi on October 25, 2009 1:40 pm

    Dear Tamus,

    I have no clue what sharia you’ve been reading.
    A person convicted of adultry (A married man or woman involved in sexual intercourse with a human being other than their spouse) calls for death sentence. This is pretty basic knowledge. Witnesses are required only for conviction. Of course their is no punishment without conviction. Have a nice day.


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