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Why are women ungrateful?

Why are women ungrateful?

Female teachers are demanding equal pay. The nerve!

December 9, 2009 1:52 by

Female teachers in Saudi Arabia are planning to file a court case against the Ministry of Education for sex discrimination in salaries, Arab News reported. An association of female teachers has campaigned for equal pay for two years, but has thus far failed to bridge the monetary gap between the sexes.

“We are collecting as many powers of attorney as possible from female teachers,” said Mona Abdul Aziz, spokeswoman for the campaign. “Yet many are reluctant to file a case against the Ministry of Education and the reason is always a woman’s husband, father or guardian who refuses to allow her to participate, saying she should be thankful she is getting paid.”

The problem with women today is that they aren’t thankful for what they have. When one of Kipp’s writers got a cookie from her editor, she asked why she wasn’t gifted a chocolate chip cookie instead. Why are women so ungrateful?

The news story reminded Kipp of a video we saw a few years ago. The clip is of a cleric explaining why women should always fulfill their husbands’ sexual needs, even if they’re at the stove. We know it has nothing to do with the female teachers’ story, but since we’re showcasing some of Saudi’s absurdities, we figured you’d appreciate it.

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