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Why Gulf News? Why?

Why Gulf News? Why?

Gulf News shows its true colors.

December 30, 2009 10:48 by

Kipp was trawling Dubai Media Observer, a blog on the media industry in the UAE, and came across an entry regarding an article in Gulf News titled Readers express pride at news of support funds for Dubai. Underneath the headline is an abstract that seems to be written by the editor. It read: “Emphasise country’s structure as a federation with different emirates that cooperate and help each other for the common good.”

The article is the usual fluff you’d imagine from a newspaper that toes the line, complete with quotes like this: “People forget that this is the UAE – the United Arab Emirates. Dubai is part of a federation and people should realise that financial problems happen in every part of the world.”

There’s a reason why people forget it. Each emirate has its own real estate laws and its own visa processing system (among others). Until recently, if you got a visa to travel to Sharjah, you couldn’t leave the country from Dubai, because your visa was issued in Sharjah.

A word of advice: if you’re going to have an agenda, at least pretend that you don’t.

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  1. Hassan on December 30, 2009 3:03 pm

    That’s ridiculous anybody can leave and enter in country regardless of the visa issuing emirates. Please don’t confuse the readers because of your personal aggravation against the country.

  2. Amir on December 30, 2009 4:51 pm

    Hassan, maybe you should have read the content carefully before attacking so abruptly. The article reads ‘Until recently…’ meaning it used to be the case but is not any longer.

  3. Mohammad on December 31, 2009 6:22 am

    I think Hassan is mentioning the situation now, and overlooked the “Until Recently” bit in the article.

    At the same time, Gulf News always manage to find readers on the same wavelength wrt praising Dubai. None of them seem to have any critical reasoning ability at all, and they all know that the best way to respond to any problem/issue in Dubai is to say “Every city has problems, whats the big deal”….


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