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Why Phoenix?

Why Phoenix?

Dubai has signed an MoU with the city of Phoenix.

May 14, 2009 2:21 by

Here’s something for you to contemplate:

“Dubai and the US city of Phoenix signed a Memorandum of Understanding and cooperation aimed at cementing friendship and cooperation, exchanging expertise and supporting economic and tourism projects between the two cities.”

Why Phoenix? What kind of expertise can the city’s leaders give Dubai? Why not sign an MoU with a place known for its tourism, like France or Italy?

We know Dubai’s got problem with its tourism industry; it doesn’t take a Dubai insider to know that the numbers are down and hotels are desperate for business. But Phoenix? If their tourism strategy is so great, why can’t Kipp think of a single reason to go there, other than to see the beautiful landscape?

As far as we know, Dubai doesn’t have beautiful landscapes (unless if you’re into deserts, which some people are. But if you’ve lived in the region for as long as some of Kipp’s team members, you’d be sick to death of sand). So how will Phoenix help?

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