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Will Hummer stop humming?

Will Hummer stop humming?

According to reports, General Motors may decide to close the brand because of decreasing sales

March 31, 2009 3:12 by

The New York Times has reported that American automotive giant General Motors (GM) may axe its Hummer brand if it does not find a buyer. Sales fell 51 percent last year, the worst drop in the industry, says the report.  An announcement on Hummer’s fate is expected on March 31 Tuesday.

A spokesman for the brand told the paper that GM remained “in discussion with several parties” and had not determined what to do.

Kipp thinks Hummer’s demise will affect the region the most; after all it was one of the most popular cars on Dubai’s roads. In the past, spotting a Hummer in Dubai was a fun game, but it became boring after it turned out to be all we were spotting.

Anyway, if it dies, we think there must be a funeral ceremony in Dubai. Hummer deserves it.

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